I created this website for my friends...and their humans, too!

It's a labor of love, because I believe all dogs deserve a chance to run and be free as much as possible. I also believe that dog parks are the safest place for pups to get their bark on. And it's not a bad place for humans to meet up, too. (I met my husband at our local dog park in 1991 -- he's been my alpha ever since!)

Happy dog parking! (Or should I say, dog barking!)

Sandi Stern

Mother of Roxy, Max, Sydni, Rascal (2 dogs + 2 humans – guess who's who!) 

P.S. Feel free to EMAIL ME at sandi AT dogparksla dot com if you have any additions!  It may take a while to get back to you as you can see I have my hands full, but I'll do my best! 


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